A Supremely Important Election Issue
Supreme Court

Thanks to the Citizens United decision, unidentified super-wealthy donors will fund tens of millions of dollars worth of SuperPAC attack ads designed to distort and misrepresent the real differences between the two candidates for president. Here is an issue, then, about which there is no room for distortion.

The next president, with just one nomination, may dramatically affect the make up of the Supreme Court.

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Citizens DisUnited
Voting booth

Today is election day in Pennsylvania. With Rick Santorum out of the Republican nomination hunt, Pennsylvania’s local media surely must have lost out on millions of dollars in political advertising booty.

That realization led to another revelation: The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, finding that corporations are persons and free to spend virtually without limit in political campaigns, is going to bring dramatic and dangerous change to our electoral process.

Because I represent individuals and families often against powerful and wealthy companies, I find myself sometimes pointing out that we are not the ones with influential lobbyists in Washington or Harrisburg. The Citizens United decision makes that observation sound anachronistic. No matter how powerful the army lined up in opposition, there was always the quaint notion that we all were entitled to the same vote on election day.

That just isn’t true anymore.

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